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Dray Sap falls - an amazing waterfall in Viet Nam

   The Dray Nur, Dray Sap, and Gia Long waterfalls situated about 30 km to the southwest of Buon Ma Thuot city. These three waterfalls are located on the Srepok river which mingled by the Krong No (Husband river) and the Krong Ana (Wife river). High altitude operation with rushing water and powerful sounds are really impressive for the visitors. Fogs spray out, soaring along with the forest landscape created majestic scenery. This group of waterfalls is not just a place for tourists to enjoy the natural beauty but also an ideal place for those who want to enjoy outdoor activities such as walking along the river from the Gia Long falls to the DraySap falls, or wading through the suspension bridge over the river from DraySap to Dray Nur waterfall. This is also a great place for picnic trips.

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