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   Residents living around the lake are mostly the  M'Nong, villages like Le, Jun, M'Lieng still keep their customs and traditions, and retain a lot of precious things in the traditional long house-on-stilts like the K’pan(long bench used for visitors or artisants), the H'gor(female-drum), gongs,etc…. 

   Surrounded by the primitive forests of the Central Highlands , Lak lake is a higlight of the region, so,  when visiting here, tourists can enjoy the diversity of fauna - flora. According to statistics, there are 548 species, in which 118 families of them, 132 species of birds, 61 mammals, 43 reptiles, amphibians, including some endemic and rare. Besides, Lak lake is shelter of numerous species of aquatic life, fish and shellfish which are major economic resource for local residents living in the area around the lake. This is really a splendid lake; a destination of Ecology - Culture unique attractions with a natural poetic beauty of the surrounding mountains and forests. Come to Lake Lak, visitors not only have opportunities to explore the natural beauty, ride an elephant visiting villages, row a dug-out canoe sightseeing around the beautiful lake and see local people fishing by their own ways but also enjoy Gongs shows, exploring the cultural traditions of indigenous people - The M'nong.


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